Holy crap! It’s me!

Behold! For this is an About page, in which I explain what the hell you are doing here!

You are here because you seek awesome stories and/or interesting blog posts with which to waste time. I shall do my best to give you both, all at once.

In a tiny effort to appear professional, I shall tell you about myself from a third-person perspective:

Nathan writes sci-fi and fantasy, horror and mystery, western and bad romance, and he does it all while juggling the lemons life has given him and making lemonade but forgetting to add sugar! He justifies his own existence by continually telling himself that one day, when his journey to the dark side is complete, he will write a novel that crosses genres, explodes boundaries, drags readers through it with intense action, compelling characters, and deep questions about the nature of reality, morality, and humanity.

Until then he just writes stories he hopes are good. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his brother, his brother’s cat, his neighbor’s dog, his delightfully crazy girlfriend, and 783 unread books that he totally intends to read at some point.


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