The First Post/Hello My Name Is…

It is a dark night, not stormy, thank goodness, or this computer would explode mid-post. I am taking time out (read: procrastinating) from writing my NaNoWriMo story to make this blog and type this first post.

In the interest of keeping this short enough that someone might read it: my name is Nathan Boole, which you undoubtedly know if you’ve come to this site. I write, read, and occasionally eat things. They are not often the SAME things, unless I have made a cake on which I wrote with frosting, and then ate it. I have never done this, but when I do it will be a red-letter day (unless the letters are blue).

Fast bio: I’m 30 (as of 11/17/2012), I’ve had so many different jobs that I often have trouble remembering them all. Currently I work full-time as a janitor, and I write part time as a writer. I have no tattoos, one earring; I once had my nipples pierced, but the damn things wouldn’t heal, so I removed them (the metal bits, not the nipples, I’m not that hardcore.) I’m currently listening to KMFDM, and my mood is “Ambitious.”

I have no published works at this moment, except for a self-published short story called “Black Bradley and the Mercenary Captain” which is available as a Kindle E-book. You should check out the first page because this story has a great opening sentence. Then you should read the whole thing and leave a derisive review in which you call me a hack. Or not, I guess. You could give it 5 stars, but I wouldn’t if I were you.

I love Sci-fi, fantasy both epic and urban, crime/detective stories, and literary fiction. Basically I read anything fictional, and a lot of non-fiction. I shall put a vast number of links to awesome shit on this blog, and perhaps begin reviewing the podcasts that I listen to. Briefly. No, for real. I’ll be concise. I swear.

So, thanks for visiting my site, check out all the cool podcasts and authors’ links, and hopefully you’ll also check out my short story and enjoy the posts here, in which I will probably at times manage to talk about something other than myself.

Finally, for those of you who are writers and who don’t have large numbers of ideas almost constantly spilling out of your brain, here’s the first sentence of a story: Longing filled the heart of the Mer-man as he looked up from his pond and watched the willow branches bend and sway gracefully in the breeze.

Now, like they say on the Roundtable Podcast, Go Write!